Recyling Insurance & Waste Insurance

The recycling and waste markets are an important part of our business and Nviro is proactive in placing cover for specific areas of these markets.

Recycling Insurance

We are looking to engage with existing recycling companies and to businesses which are intending to build and operate a new recycling plant. The many types of risk and cover solutions which need to be considered are highlighted in our Project Risk Model and Nviro is able to provide cover for individual elements as required or a total project wrap of covers.

We have experience in dealing with many and varied enquiries including:

  • Wood & Timber – wood chip and wood pellet manufacturers
  • Rubber – granulators producing play mats and underlay
  • Paper & Cardboard – processors for re-use in industry and printing
  • Plastics – granulators for re-use, plastic goods manufacture
  • Glass – glass bottle manufacture, aggregates, giftware manufacture
  • Oil – recovery and re-use
  • WEEE – disposal, dismantling, re-use
  • Other – filter coffee waste, distillery waste and other innovative ideas

Each business will be looked at on a bespoke basis taking into account our knowledge and expertise in the recycling market and a suitable package of covers presented to cover the assets, income and liabilities associated with the running of the business and taking into account any specific legislation or health and safety regulations.

Waste Insurance

We have chosen to operate in just a few specific areas of the waste industry in order that we can offer highly personal and technical solutions to those businesses.

We do not place cover for skip hirers, waste transfer stations, landfill operators and scrap metal merchants – there are a number of established insurance schemes in the market available to meet the needs of these businesses and we shall be pleased to supply suitable contacts if required.

The key areas in which we operate are as follows:

  • Clinical Waste – collection and destruction from medical practices/hospitals
  • Document Destruction & Storage – businesses operating in the private and public sectors
  • Chemical & Solvent Recovery – collection, destruction and reprocessing
  • Composting – processing of green waste from the private and public sectors