Partner - Lesley

Directors Profiles - Lesley Davies ACII

I always aspired to be a Police Officer or Lawyer when at school. Sadly neither was to be and after a couple of roles in administration, I moved to a similar role at a local Insurance Brokers office, methodically following the drones of the audio tapes, typing on an electric typewriter which was a step up from the manual one I was used to!

Whilst in this role I became interested in the technical aspects of insurance that I was hearing about and thought I could actually make a career out of this. This led me on to the Insurance Institute exams, starting with the Certificate of Proficiency and eventually after a lot of hard work attaining the Associate qualification in 1997.

During this period I moved to Newstead Insurance Brokers ending my career with them as an Account Executive. Then onto General Accident in Stoke-on-Trent as an Underwriter to learn more about the “mechanics” of the risk business. Following a couple of mergers and restructures General Accident metamorphosed into Norwich Union and the Stoke-on-Trent branch was no more. The options were to move to a City branch or to find a new role. With a new baby in tow, the former was not an option and I took an Account Executive position with a broker in Stafford.

I had not been there long when Newstead approached me, as they required someone to take charge of their compliance responsibilities with compulsory FSA authorisation and regulation fast approaching. It was 2003 and I had two years to decipher the various consultation papers and then to roll out the rules and procedures to the entire staff. If you have ever been near an FSA document, you will understand why a layperson would need two years. I remained at Newstead until recently ensuring staff had adequate knowledge to carry out their roles in both a professional and compliant manner.

A new beginning in 2009 with a frog for company (the Nviro frog, not Paul!). I am relishing the challenge and opportunities that this is bringing and the learning process is continuing. You can never have too much knowledge.

My personal life revolves around my three daughters giving them the opportunities most of my generation never had and they will no doubt continue to keep us busy for some time to come. My sporting passion is netball, I play in a competitive local league and for one season only, when they were desperate, at county level. I’m not sure how much longer my joints will take the strain but will continue to partake until they tell me otherwise. I am a reluctant gym member but do attend regularly to maintain a reasonable level of fitness. I also enjoy meals out and holidays and harbour an ambition to play piano or saxophone.