Anaerobic Digestion Insurance

Nviro works with many companies involved in a whole host of different Bio Energy activities from start up businesses to those already operating plants. We are continually adding to our knowledge of developments within this sector by carrying out many site visits where existing technology is being refined or where new processes are undergoing trials.

We work with a small number of key insurers with years of experience on a global basis in insuring Bio Energy plant and equipment and the associated risks in connection with the operation of these businesses. Our Project Risk Model gives an overview of the major areas of risk which we discuss with clients and a bespoke insurance portfolio is then prepared to cover the relevant contingencies. Many insurance risks are common to all renewable energy plant and equipment but we are conscious of the need to look at plant breakdown and consequential losses as key features of the insurance portfolio for businesses in this sector.

Nviro operates in all of the key areas of Bio Energy including:

Biomass Insurance

We would like to engage with any business planning, building or operating a commercial Biomass Boiler, Biomass Generator, Combined Heat & Power Plant or Energy from Waste Plant fuelled by any source including wood chip, wood pellets, straw, short rotation coppice, waste wood (building materials, saw dust or thinnings), cereals, Miscanthus (Elephant Grass), poultry litter, MBM (meat and bone meal) or sugar processing waste.

Biogas Insurance

Our target markets under this heading are firstly businesses planning or running Anaerobic Digestion plants using food waste as the raw materials.

Biofuels Insurance

Our recent enquiries have included commercial production of Biodiesel from recovered waste vegetable oils, fats and greases and Bioethanol production from grain, corn and sugar beet. In addition we are aware of developments with second generation bio fuels such as algae and pond scum which can also be accommodated.

In addition, methane extraction is another area where we seek to expand our offering including coal bed extraction, coal bed drilling, coal bed gasification and landfill gas extraction. Other forms of gasification and pyrolysis of waste are also of interest to us.